Right, I figured it would be prudent to publish the season 2 calender so that new visitors can get an idea of who has been on the show this season and who is going to be on this season with the caveat that the calender does not yet reflect the full season of shows yet for various reasons.


October 21

Arne Schulenberg of Union of Heroes

October 28

Open Call Week


November 4

Linkara/Lewis Lovhaug of Lightbringer/Atop The Fourth Wall

November 11

Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja

November 18

NJ Huff of Emergency Exit


December 2

Barry Smith of Inktank

December 9

Jospeh Brudlos of Alpha Shade

December 23

Holiday Special

December 30

Alan Evans of Rival Angels


January 6

Lora Innes of Dreamer Comic

January 13

Jenn Manley Lee of Dicebox

January 20

David Malki of Wondermark and Tweet Me Harder

January 27

Antoine Gagnon of The Drunken Fools


February 3

Katie Sweet of Juaphuur: Gatecrash

Feburary 10

Alejandro Melchor & AngelChyld of Nahast/Lands of Strife

Febuary 17

Chris Downey of Empires of Steam

February 24

J.L. Haram of Picatrix


March 3

CB Ash of Tales of the Brass Griffin

March 10

Chris K of PSNStores.com

March 17

James Newton of NintendoLife.com

March 24

Jim Francis of Outsider

March 31

D. M. Jeftinija of Legostar Galatica


April 7

Brion Foulke of Flipside

April 14

Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion of MarzGurl Productions
and TGWTG.com 

April 21

Matt Eliers of An Empire Revisited!

April 28

Erin Lindsey of Venus Envy

May 5 (Season Finale)

Wormtooth Nation