Regular viewers or the site and indeed our loyal podcast listeners may have noticed a delay in the release of our as of this writing latest episode. Indeed, those who were there for the live show would have noticed a preponderance of technical difficulties that eventually culminated in the crew ditching the live format and forced to do a recorded-only show.

A bit of a shame there since this is the first episode to feature the full ensemble cast. Anyway, this incident was the latest bout of our greatest foe in the production of Moonhawk Studios Presents, those wonderful failures of technology that we hate so much.

This polymorphic blob of an issue manifests itself so many annoying ways, the most common stems from our usage of the Talkshoe program for live recording and the best it can usually muster is mediocrity, in that it becomes functional enough to do the show.

There are flaws inherent to the beast such as degraded sound quality and a lack of clarity in the speech. There is also the matter that Talkshoe seems to hate the Firefox browser with a passion, we have had so many guests and live listeners drop in and out of the chat room due to that. I could go on and on about this but I think the basic point has been made. The sad thing is Talkshoe is our best option for live shows at this point since we are having other issues with our Ustream channel and our in-house webchat tends not to be used.

Join me next time when I expand on our technological misgivings by detailing our greatest failure to date that I mentioned in the preamble, the one that forced us to about the first attempt at interviewing Empires of Steam creator Chris Downey.