From the “About” page of “Nahast” (in the author’s own words):

Nahast began as a very simple thing and has been growing, at least in my mind.

I didn’t come up with Nahast on my own at first. Originally, it was to be my and my friends’ entry into a WIzard of the Coast’s contest to find the great next D&D background setting (the winner ultimately was Eberron). We came up with the basic origin myth, the general flavor and things we wanted to see. As part of the necessary “home city” that adventurers usually start at, we came up with Beldatz, where the comic happens. I was in charge of populating the city with interesting NPCs, and thus were born the Hawk Maidens first, and then their mistress, Derrexi Tzelan. As I wrote down the background I decided this would make a good story on its own, and after we were notified that our setting was not amongst the finalists, I took the story and came up with the idea to create it as a webcomic.

The role-playing origins of Nahast were never lost, though, as there have always been plans to write the setting for release, possibly for sale. I actually wrote half of the book already: the classes and new powers and other rules aspects, but then D&D 4th Edition was announced, and now the game is being re-written and refocused.

As stories bubbled in my head, Nahast has created an offspring: Chronicles of the 5th Age, a prose fiction site that is narrating many of the hundred stories that the world of Nahast can accomodate.

The comic has been around since 2002, and in 2008 it took a new turn as I was invited to join SpiderForest, which prompted a redesign and realignment of the plans for Nahast, and that is the site that you’re reading right now.

Season 2, Episode 14
Show date: February 10, 2010 – 10:00PM Eastern/7:00PM Pacific