So I finally got to join in the fun of a Talk Shoe live show failure! Aside from the technical difficulties, it was really fun to be a part of the Studio webcast on Skype for the first time. I am actually really thrilled by the announcement Mac made, well, both of them actually.

First up, Keith has agreed to draw “The Lavenders” and I am totally digging his initial character designs. No word on when that comic is relaunching but most likely once we get what we call a “buffer” we’ll probably set a date for the debut.

Secondly, there is supposed to be a new Starship Moonhawk page in the works so we’ll be seeing an update sometime soon. The new Sailent page is in the queue for the relaunch on April 1, 2010 so all around we have good news.

Katie Sweet was a great guest and a wonderful support for sticking around for the hour and a half it took for us to get technology to not fail and get the actual show to launch. I also hear that it was an unprecedented how since we had all of the crew together on the show. =D I am really looking forward to my work schedule aligning with the planets again so I can hopefully participate in the show again soon. I most likely won’t be on the horn for the Feb. 10th show since my husband and I are doing an early Valentine’s day dinner date.

ALSO KATSUCON IS FEB 12-14. I will be kicking around so if anyone is a listener and going, if you see me, please feel free to say “hi”. Hopefully, I won’t be too busy working as a con staffer.