So not only is my area getting hit with record high amounts of snow- my computers here at the house are freaking spazzing. There is a a “cute” rogue anti-virus virus screwing up my desktop and my laptop is in surgery right now.Nick did build a new box but aside from getting the basics up… it’s a work in progress. The weather is also jacking up the shift rotation so this week is all kinds of fail. There is nothing like a 30 minute drive taking THREE HOURS because nothing is plowed. I jumped out of the roomie’s truck and found myself almost thigh deep in snow wearing a thin Navy service uniform and dress shoes and have to create a walkway to get to the parking lot of the apartment building and then up to the damn door. We have 3 ft snow drifts everywhere and I spent 3 hours digging out the truck to only be called up and told that we’re now on-call status.

Gah, I kinda miss the days where I was able to stay home when it snowed. >> I’ll keep ya’ll posted as to what the heck is going on.