Now that some of the basics of the overall blight that haunts the crew of this jaunty podcast on a weekly basis has been elaborated upon, we can move on to the more advanced cases.

See, through all of our trails and tribulations with technology we have only twice flat out had to cancel a show due to overwhelming breakdowns. The first being the Scott Austin show held last season, the first attempt of which was thwarted by the guest being unable to connect to Talkshoe for an hour and half, very tedious to sit through for all parties involved. If memory serves me correctly when it came time to do the retake, we had changed our recording methods thanks to the fallout. I suppose that is the ultimate good that comes out of such botches.

Anyway, the changeover that occurred was switching from using the horrid stock Talkshoe to record the show to using the Voice over Internet Protocol software known as Skype as our underlying base and most important tool for recording the show. The big switch being finally being informed on how to hook Skype up to Talkshoe for conference calls, which has helped immensely.

Indeed, Skype has been a great service to us, unless it decides to act up, which was partly at the root of last week’s almost crash and burn, if we lose Skype we are pretty screwed, obviously there as still backups and alternatives just waiting to be discovered. Still, koin me next time now that the stage is set when I finally, hopefully talk about the Downey Episode implosion.