I joined in the “Nahast” broadcast a little late yesterday but I thought we had a rather good discussion with Alejandro on the well thought out and strong portrayal of his female characters and of course, the roleplaying background of the comic. I have a fairly strong roleplaying background having started building my characters from my dad’s 2nd edition D&D books and of course, “Superheroes Unlimited”, “Ninjas and Superspies”, and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. I didn’t actually start characters until high school when my older friends told me about “Vampire: The Masquerade” which led to “Werewolf: The Apocalypse” and “Mage: The Ascension” so I eventually was pulled into the role of “Storyteller” or “Game Master”.
The joy of roleplaying is the ability to use a guideline of someone else’s world to springboard yourself and your buddies into a living embodiment of a byproduct of your imagination- a great story can carry the weakest player if you as the GM can improvise. So with this sort of concept in mind, creating a roleplay game concept into a comic does make a great deal of sense. You would have done all the world building, developed your system of magic and archetypes and your special character NPCs so all you would need to focus on is just “playing your character”. Would you roll your dice in order to determine the outcome of your chance encounters to make the comic more unpredictable with a chance of failure? Or would you simply just write your story in an ideal world scenario without a worry of interference?
Of course, I didn’t think to ask these questions in the interview, instead I focused on the meaning of the glyph in the background of the page. Lol. I can blame a migraine and an aching wrist for my mental hiccups. And I blame the 2 weeks of uncharacteristically large amounts of snow for my desire to have mugs of hot chocolate. I cannot assume responsibility for the things that Mike says on air. That’s allllll him. ;p
But I think we had fun with the interview and getting some deeper perspective on how to turn a failed contest entry into something even greater. =)