I am quite aware that I have been mentioning a certain failed attempt of an episode quite a bit in my previous columns and it is true I have been glossing over it in favor of other topics of technical failure, but those had purpose, foundations and continuity and timing. Indeed this week shall be our retake with Mr. Downey and it seems very poignant to explore this issue at this point in time with those readers who have a good idea of the challenges we face on a weekly basis, provided they have read my back issues

Now some of the problems we faced that week were I am sorry to say rather atypical of this show, problems connecting Skype to Talkshoe of course; with the additional headache of having pretty much everyone having sound issues, some of it was Talkshoe interference, some of it was bad microphone or bad microphone positioning and some of it was focus failure involving roommates.

The sum of these parts was massive frustration, embarrassment and a lack of tangible results. What does separate this attempt from the last one a theoretical reader might ask? The fallout from that debacle was a changeover in recording practices. No longer do we exclusively rely on TakeShit for our recording needs; in fact, the only reason we still with that accursed program at all is for the live chatroom. Functionality. We do have other chatrooms, on Ustream and on the site here, but TookFail is still the place where people gather, plus the Ustream channel is having some technical issues of its own.

Right now our principle recording method is a combination of Skype and the call recording software Pamela and it has allowed us to overcome the many failings of of TailSpike. Not just connectivity issues, but with the Pamela recordings we get stereo sound, about a thousand times more in the way of clarity and edit options. This method has saved shows in the recent past and continues to serve us well, which should translate into a sucussful recording for Downey this time around.

Join me next time as I switch subject and talking about the research methodologies that goes on when examining the work of a guest.