I’m back home after a busy weekend of crazy con goodness. When I get Photoshop installed again, I’m hoping to get a mini-strip up about my adventures on Guest Security. It was wonderful to see all of my con friends, of course, shadowing Yunmao Ayakawa I didn’t really expect most of them to really notice me. But to be fair, it has been a couple of years since I’ve been to Katsucon and I wish I had gotten a chance to talk to the following people more but Yunmao fanboy protection obviously consumed my con free time but a quick shout out to the following people: Eirik Blackwolf of Chisuji (I miss talking to you!) ; Kara Dennison of Conscrew (I wish I had more time to talk to you, I still owe you a picture of Emmy!); Robert Aldrich author of the “Crossworld” novels (I totally only saw you ONCE the entire con); Steve Yun webmaster of Roboteck.com (I’m sorry I didn’t actually get to talk to you when you ran into me the 2nd time in the Green Room); and mecha artist, Newton Ewell (I was glad I finally got to catch up and chat with you in the Green Room!).  I still miss seeing, Steve Bennett at American conventions but he is rocking out with his lovely wife in Iwakuni, Japan with the MCCS. =)

Yunmao is a very awesome and sweet person to work with and I think of her as “my little sister wearing a short skirt” which definitely helped me in keeping extra vigilant on escorting her ALL OVER THE CONVENTION.  She was absolutely adorable in her maid uniform, her Mari Makinami plug suit and in her regular clothes. I kept thinking of things to say to her in what little Japanese I know and just decided to not embarrass myself and just say it in English. ^^; I know the guys here at MSP would be amused to know I almost got an official Nihon Maid Association certificate of participation in Yunmao’s workshop which covered the basic level 3 maid etiquette with her seal of approval. I don’t think I can put something like that on my resume alongside my Navy training, I can see it now in an eval brag sheet “Godwin, what’s a Nihon Maid? And why are you certified and Maid etiquette?” Nooo thank you! But it was a great turn out.

I was really happy that I got to see the Masquerade and the concert (more specifically, Unicorn Table) for the first time in several years because I was with my beloved guest. =) I was only disappointed that I didn’t sell more pieces but 4 of my 5 scratchboards sold and I decided to give that one to Yunmao. I felt like a complete fangirl but I wanted to give her something different for a Valentine and I didn’t have anything else besides my 4 “H” pieces. I wouldn’t have felt right giving her a picture of a topless girl so Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask it was! (<shameless plug>If someone wants to buy a framed print with the original inks you can e-mail me! </shameless plug>)

All and all it was a great convention weekend for me! I was working the entire time but I had a blast!