It’s a great rarity that we change out a show, but a rare opportunity came along, and we had to take it. Join us this week, friends, when we talk to Brian Clevinger, founder of Nuklear Power and creator of that pixel comic you’ve all grown up with: 8-bit Theater. Yes, that’s right folks. What started as a scheduling error has turned into a bit of serendipity. I am also quite pleased to be able to say that we will still be able to have C.B. Ash of “Tales of the Brass Griffen” join us, hence the fun promo poster I concocted for this event. As you can see, the Light Warriors are duking it out with a brass griffin.

Due to the nature of this particular show, we will be expanding the show from its regular 50-60 minute format to 90-120 mins so we can get sufficient face-time with our two distinguished guests and hopefully, you’ll all join us in the live chat this Wednesday night.

Season 2, Episode 17
Show date: March 3, 2010 – 10:00PM Eastern/7:00PM Pacific