Once again, it was a pleasure to be able to be able to participate in the show. Jamie of Picatrix was very fun to talk to even though I got off on a tangent about the concept of romance in mainstream comics targeted for Men. I also enjoyed finally getting all the way through the archives of Picatrix last night at about the 4 hour mark of the broadcast (which is really the post-show chat).

I think we did a fair good amount of gushing over “Picatrix” last night as we complimented Jamie on the good flow of her panels, the clarity of the action, the overall good quality of the art and the unification of the several themes in the manga with the website design. Primarily, it is a fantasy romance manga done in a traditional shoujo style despite this, the main audience of “Picatrix” is 65% MALE. It makes me wonder if that’s due to the comic community being predominantly male or if more men are starting to become more comfortable about admitting that they enjoy reading about pretty girls in short skirts having romantic hiccups?

If we really think about it, Spider has his own little Harem with MJ, Black Cat, and Gwen Stacey. The Green Lantern Corps has to deal with the Star Sapphire Corps, (and Hal has to figure out if he wants to deal with Carol or try for something with Cowgirl). Jean Grey (pick a version of her you like) has Logan and Scott fighting over her. OH or think about Rogue and Gambit’s physical intimacy issues and you’ll see that romance, although not always the headliner is in fact an integral part of some our favorite mainstream comics.

So back to “Picatrix”, what I look forward to finding out is what really happened to Winnie when Nina pushed her off the roof of Azrael’s castle and if she’ll stick to her promise and stay with Azrael even if they figure out a way home. Then there’s that notion of a growing love octagon with Eric, Hector, Sam, and Adam. If you are feeling really frisky, you might consider Spring as a possible contender for Winnie’s heart but that’s probably more the stuff of doujin. 😉