I was actually able to join in the broadcast late again this past week due to a variety of circumstances- my schedule shifted due to the fact that I have to report in to my new ship about a month sooner than I had initially been told. For the longest time, my involvement in the internets and more recently in the past several years has been a gigantic balancing act between work, college, my family, my friends, and my internet commitments. It is usually fairly obvious which will win out at any given point but in the matter of my family and friends they are more willing to compromise with me so I can be involved with my webcomics. In fact, one of my good friend’s was asking me the other day about webcomic hosting so I hope to see some awesome things out her boyfriend on the internet soon. =) But, I digress, I have been blessed with people that understand and for the most part support my decisions regardless of how crazy they might sound at the time.

When I decided to audition for a paying voice acting part for an H game company, my husband didn’t lecture me or try to talk me out of it- we went out and he talked me into buying an $80 headset to get a better quality sound. When I wanted a tablet to learn how to digitally color, he went out and bought me a $200 Intuos Wacom tablet for my birthday. If I want to go to a convention to work an art table for 3 days he takes Vic so I can work without the munchkin running around. So I do count myself as extremely lucky to have someone who understands me and supports me in EVERYTHING that I do. The biggest change in my life that he supported me through was my decision to enlist in the Navy.

We’ve been through a lot this past year with my extended stay in boot camp due to stress fractures and my very long “A” and “C” schools, but it has made me re-examine the time I spend online versus the time I try to spend with my family. I have actually spent more time with my family this year than actively online in my chat rooms and forums. I’ve been trying to spend as much time with them as possible since I have no way of knowing when I will get called up to ship off to some ship floating in the ocean somewhere. I hope to keep the trend up since I want to be involved with my family but this hurts some other things in my life, like time spent with my friends or my time networking and collaborating online.

I think it’s evident from the number of shows that I have been able to participate in when my work schedule has aligned that I have been able to spend some evenings (figuratively) working alongside Mike or talking to Keith about our ongoing projects or actually completing some of my own pending tasks like shading the Salient page or working on “Waking Into Reality”. I can only hope that when I go underway I can work on some of my pending writing projects since I won’t have very many other distractions other than work, my online college courses, and working out to occupy my time.

I am definitely leveling up my Time Management skill this year but I really hope to continue to actively be a part of all aspects of my life and hobbies without having to sacrifice too much of one or another.