Our show with Chris K. or PSN Stores was incredibly unique in the way we conducted the interview, in fact, it was more of a round table discussion about the “Move”; the impeding trend of home 3D tvs (in fact, they were just talking about them being on sale for $1700 on the radio); among many many other entertainment sessions.

Last week went to the other side of the video game spectrum with James Newton of “Nintendo Life”. I was unfortunately unable to participate fully due to packing my seabag and it seems as if I may have an chance to participate in this week’s show but, I’m not holding my breath. I’ll say something when I can. 😉 But I was surprised that the discussion with James touched on Metroid, the show graphic in a way was prophetic since I just did that for fun since Samus is one of my favorite video game Heroines. 😉

Anyway, we return this week to interviewing a fellow sci-fi webcomic artist, writer, creator, Jim Francis of “Outsider“. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, I strongly recommend it!