Hello, dear viewers, it has been awhile since I have made an update of any sort. The column always gets pushed to the backburner when doings are transpiring.  To wit, one of the big things that we have been working on for awhile is the shaping of Season 3 , and now I further this goal by publishing our guest list for the first half.

May 26

Season 3, Eps. 1 – Kris Straub Starslip Crisis and Tweet Me Harder with

Jared Cowing

May 29

Brad Guigar of Evil Inc.

June 2

Philip M. Hofer – Game Developer + Web Designer with EviktedRei

June 9

Dirk I. Tiede of Paradigm Shift

June 16

Patrick McLean of How to Succeed in Evil

June 23

Sean McGuiness of Twisted Kaiju Theater

June 30

DeceasedCrab of DeceasedCrab’s Youtube Let’s Plays

July 7

Amanda Hardpold of B and R Productions

July 14

Darren Bleuel of Nukees  

July 17

Wes Davis, Owner/Founder of Star Army RPG.

July 21

Nate Piekos of BlamBot

July 28

Yan “Kern” Gagné and Friends of Studio Drowtales Inc

Aug 4

Jason Dobson: Freelance Gaming Journalist

Aug 11

Raheem “MegaRan” Jarbo of The Random Experience