Greetings and salutations loyal listeners, Adam here, it has been awhile since I last posted anything of merit, or really, anything at all in this space. In addition to developing a rather nasty case of writer’s block, we have been alternatively busy and more recently not busy with the show. Gear up for season end shows takes a bit of elbow grease, but I think there in lies my next edition of “In The Crafting Of A Season.”  Plus, there has been the matter of the two week long vacation that I took full advantage of, but we have returned with our Season 3 tour de force with the wonderful Kris Straub, now abvailable for download on our talkshoe site and through iTunes and we hope to have another interesting episode as we welcome Philip “Frump” Hofer – Game Developer + Web Designer and “Surrender” artist EviktedRei to the broadcast. Cheers and excelsior!