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Purpose and Goals of this Site is the home of a community of creative, friendly guys and girls dedicated to producing and constantly improving superior original collaborative story writing, role-play, and military simulation. It’s also a fine place on the internet to call home. Let us welcome you.

Our goals:

* Provide an interactive story-writing experience to all competent role-players. Preferably, hours after they join, 24/7.
* Maintain an ever-growing, highly interesting player-made setting, to which anyone can contribute.
* Mentor and stimulate players and game-masters to constantly improve.

If you’ve got some imagination, you should join us. Here’s why:
We Offer Many Interesting Benefits

Star Army offers a wealth of exciting things to do. It is a mature community that has been running for years, yet isn’t overgrown; each person can receive individual attention. Its player-made setting is open to change through your contributions and your characters’ actions; you could literally alter the face of the universe! Star Army provides an excellent outlet for writers, a fun gaming experience for role-players, and a lively, friendly community to visit – we want you to become a regular! Using guides and personal assistance, you can get settled in fast.

Even if you don’t have time to become a frequent visitor, we can still help you. There’s thousands of pages to read for your personal enjoyment, and if you’re an artist, Star Army will commission you to do character artwork!

Creative Writing

As a writer, you get to write as much as you wish among a community you can trust to tell to criticize yet don’t have to worry about things getting too harsh. You can write on your own, or take advantage of the site’s role-playing plots and write as a group either through forum posts or even live online chat rooms. Nothing is more inspiring than an immersing yourself in a group of like-minded writers and artists.

You will improve as you write more. Orson Scott Card once said, “Every writer has 100,000 words of crap” he needs to get out of his system. Well, hey, we’re happy to help you get through that before you start working on published stuff. If you write a little every day, you’ll be through that in no time; writing is not work here–it is entertainment, and when you’re having fun, learning is easy. One of the greatest benefits of a group story-writing/role-play setup like this is that in addition to the usual spelling and grammar, you’ll also develop a great sense of style, plot, and especially characterization.

Season 3, Ep. 10 – Wes Davis – Star Army Online RPG