Greeetings once more loyal readers it is once again time for me to blather on for a few paragraphs about an aspect of the business of this show that I wish to focus on and in keeping with the tone of this column,  it is going to be me bitching about something and once against it is guest related. As usual this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, it is, how do I put this quasi-systemic to the proceedings.

Anyway, today I would like to rail against tenativity shown amongst various guests when it comes to actually committing to the show. Now I certainly understand some of the reasons and rationales behind this, though sometimes the reasons elude me, but all of this it ties in to the aforementioned prudence I mentioned in an earlier column.  When booking a season we have only a certainly amount of slots, 26 to be exact, allotted to a season and given this also involves a specific date for each show, they are also moving targets that need to be handled with a certain amount of promptness.

A lapse in diligence will usually result in what I like to call extended negotiations, so long as the base desire to be interviewed is still present. Indeed, I can deal with such things as annoying as they are, but when it comes down to it, getting a show slot pragmatically speaking comes down to those who are willing  to sign up for x slot at y time and this especially is true when multiple negotiations are going on at once, it is no matter who the guests are in stature or prominence, first come, first serve as it were. Just the way this thing works.