Hi everyone! I am happily back in the States again and unhappily back to my crazy rotating shiftwork again. This means I have a few more weeks of this weird schedule that prevents me from even being home on most Wednesdays to even listen to the show. I am looking forward to the next shift I rotate too because it gives me a chance to actually spend time with my family and provides me a window to actually participate in the show. I miss you guys!

Upcoming projects:

The Lavenders
has LAUNCHED? Are you following it? AND WHY NOT?! Keith W./Verias is drawing it, Mike/Macia is shading it this time around and Year One, I got to write with some guidance from Mac. =) Of course, the prologue is up and running so I don’t have a hand in this part but it sheer awesomeness! You should reeeeeaadddd it.

The Haunt at Sunrise Farm is opening for the Halloween Haunting season in October. I just relaunched the site with the new site design but I am still uploading graphics from last year’s show.

Studio HnH
is plotting an Etsy store. Katie is going to be putting up some cool knitted Moogles and other handicrafts and I’m going to be putting up some Unique one-off art pieces (namely scratchboards) so be sure to stay tuned for that store’s launch. I am plotting some Salient merch but I have to plan it out a little bit more before I make that announcement.

Salient Caligation – I found my tablet and stylus! With my reinstall of my OS and Photoshop I can make the magic happen with the last page of Salient and hopefully find that Waking page I was working on before I moved from my apartment. o.o

Since I have no new major art offerings at the moment, I am selling off Nick and I’s comic book and anime paraphernalia collection. I have a TON of comics left for sale and you can check out those auctions on ebay.