Greetings loyal listeners, this week we put to rest the marathon of return guest and return to the showcasing of fresh faces and new talents and their projects. This week we shall be stepping back into the mists of time and space to early Qing Dynasty China  and follow the adventures of Pang: the wandering Shaolin monk and his adventures to find his lost brothers, protect the secrets of his temple, defend the weak from injustice and maybe find out what the power of love is.

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Shi Long Pang is an historical fiction/fantasy about a wandering Shaolin monk in 17th century China.

It’s historical in that it takes place during a real period in history, and I attempt to represent the visuals with at least an air of accuracy (also, crammed in at the bottom of many pages you’ll find researched footnotes, which you can either thoroughly enjoy or else just skip).

It’s fiction because Pang and his temple and his plight are imagined; and while the main plot points are based on some kind of legend, it’s by no means historical fact. The only historical fact here is lurking in throw-away lines and sitting comfortably in the backdrop, just like in real Shaolin history!

In some sense, the comic has the basic trappings of your average kung fu movie: but with less fighting and more talking–and hopefully more character development.

It’s going to be a pretty long comic, and if you stick with it (which I really hope you do!), at the very least you’ll have a sweepingly generalized understanding of an historically legendary China in 1675 that only an historical fiction/fantasy following the journey of an inexplicably circle-headed, no-nosed warrior monk could give.

I promise this is the last time I’ll write “an” historical.

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