Ah, greetings once more to our glorious listening public, this week on Moonhawk Studios Presents we shall be closing out and capping off what has been a tremendous season with our traditional super-sized two hour season finale. This week in our interview segment we shall be welcoming back to the program Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug, the man who stands atop the fourth wall in order to let bad comics burn, after a year long absence. After those proceedings we shall kick off our grand round table discussion with some of our guests of shows past. The topic up for debate, whatever we feel like discussing. So come join us in the revelry tonight at 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST only at http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=45815&cmd=tc

Guest panelists slated to appear: Dirk Tiede of Paradigm Shift, Brion Foulke of Filpside! and Darren Bleuel of Nukees

Image credit: AndrewDickman http://andrewdickman.deviantart.com/

Oh and one last thing, be sure to look for the Season 4 Premiere of Moonhawk Studios Presents, coming December 1, 2010.