Greetings and salutations faithful listeners as well as new ones. Well, after a bit of an extended break after our dynamite season finale, we have returned full of turkey and cranberry and ready to bring you many more hours of entertainment into your lives.

Anyway, Antietam, Gettysburg, The 1st and 2nd Battle of Bull Run, Appomattox Courthouse, Fort Sumpter, all very famous civil war battles, this story is not about those famous battles, no this is about the tale of The Battle of Dovecoate Crest, a minor affair fought out in Arkansas in 1862. Moreover, this spun yarn isn’t about the battle itself, no, this is about the band of historical re-creators who work there as they find friendship, love, and maybe even some history and even a ghost or two.

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Credit for this week’s title card goes to Bridget Underwood, one of our guests this week, thank you most kindly for this.