Well, geesh, it’s been a while folks! I’ve been uber busy making blankets, quilts, curtains, a TMNT costume for my son, running a haunted house and canned food drive, being a mom/wife and working full time with the Navy so yeah… My internet fun time suffers greatly.

I am excited since “The Lavenders” has kicked off great and is now starting into the meat of the story. =) Definitely check it out if you haven’t yet. I wrote this arc’s script under Mike’s guidance but the next Main arc “Year” will be a more collaborative effort between us. Keith’s art of course is superb and we have some awesome pin-ups for a paltry $3 donation fee.

Here’s hoping that things will settle out so on my days off over the course of the new year, I can be awake and participate in the shows again! I love talking to our guests and it helps me get into more netisms I didn’t know existed. =)