I tend not to talk a lot on here, even though this is allegedly my own show. Perhaps it’s to increase the impact when I do bother to speak up, or maybe there is some darker, more sinister reason buried deep within my psyche. Over the past couple years, Adam and I have proved that we can carry a show ourselves and make it entertaining. However, what gives out show that extra something special is the variety of guests we have on with us to help us ramble and reminisce. And sometimes that is the make-or-break point of each weekly installment. Sometimes the guest is straightforward, and the interview is very formal and static. Other times, we play it by ear and see how the guests react. There is one other instance that I’d like to call attention to, and that is when we have guests who themselves are just naturally interesting people, and when you ping them on what is their passion… well, we have one of our best shows of the year.

Such is the case with this past week’s show. Darryl hughes and Monique MacNaughton of The Continentals (as well as several other noteworthy endeavors, collectively), fall into that last category. Now, I first want to say that we’ve had other guests before who immediately were entertaining and engaging on this level (Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug, Brian Clevenger, Brion Foulke, Barry Smith, DeceasedCrab and madamluna immediately come to mind here). But with Darryl and Monique, we really hit it off quite well and it made for a very entertaining 85 minutes of show (and a couple hours of post show after that was sadly, and safely not recorded lol). I wish all of our interviews could be this freewheeling and fun and HONEST. No holds were barred here, hell, some people might even get angry. But c’est la vie. It was a good show, and well worth it. Thanks guys. You’re the kind that make doing this worth it week after week.

Also, to anyone we indirectly insulted, I’d like to issue a blanket apology for that here. If we deliberately insulted you, though, it was most likely on purpose. We know you’d never deign to be on our show anyway.