Greetings once more listeners both long-term and first-time, on this week’s episode of Moonhawk Studios Presents we shall be welcoming Charles “Chuck” Sonnenburg to the program for his first ever podcast interview. Chuck here is most well known for his opinionated rants on various sci-fi shows found on Youtube and now on Blip TV. In the beginning he struck against that bastion of mediocrity Voyager and then soon expanded towards all of the canon of Trek, from the highs of In The Pale Moonlight to the utter lows of A Night in  Sickbay, Chuck has run the gamut of good and bad trek episodes.  Moreover, he has recently expanded his focus to include other iconic sci-fi programs  such as Dr. Who, Bablyon 5 and Red Dwarf, time will only tell if he adds the likes of MST3K and The Twilight Zone to the mix. As an extra special treat we w Lewis “Linarak” Lovhaug will be joining us to discuss that inner particulars of Trek, should be loads of fun.

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