Greetings everyone, it has been awhile since I have used this sidebar column of mine due to various factors, in between real life, my on-screen and off-screen roles on the show and updating the main page, I have not found the time to do a full on blog post. Roles that gain ever more responsibilities, for example, these last two weeks we have been in back-room discussions with last week’s guests NakaTeleeli and ElementalOgre. At first they were to be no more then average guests, stop by for an hour, talk about their projects and then everybody moves on with their affairs.  Then they were invited to our upcoming April 27 with Team Meat as guest panelists, this was done not only because Mac and I had had a few “getting to know you” sessions beforehand. Also, I mentioned to Naka that the invite was also to bolster the discussions about video games. It isn’t that Mac doesn’t know about games or anything, but he lacks the time to put his full resources into researching a game, especially a long game like Recettear or Torchlight like I do, so this was an action to bolster that side of things. When I relayed this message to Naka he floated the idea of becoming of he and Ogre becoming permanent parts of the show. This is turn has spurned on a new segment for the program, which is currently un-named, so many things to do, so little time, were the three of us, along with Mac the other members of our cast or even the guests talk about video games, new, old, upcoming, you name it, we will probably talk about it. Now that the announcement has gone out I am readily looking forward to this new portion of the broadcast.  For our premiere edition we shall be discussing the 3DS, the new announced NGP, indie gaming and maybe even the Kincet.