Greetings everybody, as promised here is our upcoming slate of shows for the second half of our fourth season, well save for the last couple of shows at the end of the season which are currently open and will be filled out in due time.
February 16
Filthy February – Megan Gedris and Tstukiyono

February 23
Filthy February – Tessa Green and Alejandra Quintas

March 2

Inside The Studio

March 9

Scott Christian Sava of The Dreamland Cronicles

March 16

Sam T. Nelson of EbolaWorld

March 23

Savannah McIntyre of The Amya Chronicles

March 30

ProtonJonSA of TheRunwayGuys

April 6

Rich Morris of Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Webcomic

April 13

Jenny Romachuk-Smith of The Zombie Hunters

April 20

Kathleen Sanders of The Microsoft Game Studios

April 27

Edmund McMillin and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat

May 4

Matt Willard of The Hellfire Commentaries

May 11


May 18


May 23

Season 4 Finale: Details TBA