Weekly greetings loyal listeners, on this installment of Moonhawk Studios Presents we are pleased to be welcoming to the broadcast Sam T. Nelson, creator of such beloved web cartoon shorts as Messed Up Bible Stories, Taco-Man, Snowy and vast array of other wacky characters. Now on a personal note, I am also pleased to say that Sam is the first sequential flash artist we have had on the program, we do like to broaden our horizons here on the show. Anyway, while you shouldn’t send in e-mails, funny e-mails, the kind that you send in, do make sure to join us live at 10:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM EDT and maybe, just maybe you textual commentary will make it on-air. Also in this week’s Fragments of Silicon segment we will be discussing the Super Mario RPG series as we try to find out which one is the most kick-ass game, of course we all know the answer is Paper Mario: The Thousand year Door or is it? Find out this Wednesday.

To find out more about the various series of Sam T. Nelson just follow the link:



Anyway, be sure to join us live at the stated time here: