The most overwhelmingly disturbing thing about my experience to watch “Insidious” in the movie theater with my husband and my 4 year old, Victor, was not the movie itself but the 3 people who came into the movie 15 minutes late and sat behind us. I swear that they found a way to do everything in their power to disturb the people around them- they ate their popcorn with the loud rustling of the paper bag; the loud smacking of lips; and the loud crunching of their chewing. Did their rudeness end there? OH NO. They had to TALK through the entire movie. It’s a said state when adults cannot behave themselves during a movie but my 4 year old can sit still and be QUIET through the whole thing.

I digress. “Insidious”‘s plot was fairly straight forward, a young family moves into a new home and then their youngest son falls into a coma. After the son falls into a coma, the mother starts seeing people and things happening into the house. Eventually, she seeks out a psychic/medium/paranormal researcher who tells them that the house isn’t haunted but the son is. Obviously, there is more to the story than that but not by too horribly much. We get very little character development or really get to know the family being terrorized.

It honestly felt like a throwback to the older thriller horror films with no real background music except for deliberate parts where “Tiptoe through the tulips” becomes creepier than it was initially. And we don’t actually see the monsters/ghosts except for good, fleeting moments when it’ll jump out and startle you the best. When we actually get to see the demon it’s not really all that scary. My son was telling me that there wasn’t even a monster in the movie.

The movie’s pacing is very incredibly slow and the interactions between the family members is minimal. I’d say that this is would be a feat for the mother to conquer as the housewife, part time composer who is frustrated with the trials of having a newborn and moving into a new home but she gets no actual support or help from anyone that’s an adult.

I’d say that if you are looking for a slow, creeping, thriller type of scare “Insidious” is right up your alley but if you are used to faster paced modern scares, this is really not your scene.

4 of 10. – Slow paced, throwback with jumps that’s worth the rental.