Yes indeed folks, it is that time once again where we update the calender and show the people the full list of guests we have upcoming on the program.


Season 4

April 27

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat


May 4

Matt Willard and NtTom64 of Hellfire Commentaries


May 11

Jason “LordKaT” Pullara of


May 18

Bennett The Sage of Channel Awesome


May 25

Season 4 Finale, Linkara, Marzgurl and The Cinema Snob


Season 5

June 15

DeceasedCrab and madamluna – Let’s Play with Special Guest ProtonJon


June 22

Daniel Tidwell of Versus Video Games


June 29

Kevin Bolk of Sucks to be Weegie, Ensign Sue Must Die, Etc.



July 6

Jeff Green of Popcap Games


July 13

Josh Lensick of Zoe Mode/Slipshine


July 20

Andrew Power of Aptitude Test


July 27

Eric Kimball and Tanya Higgins are Fes of The Webcomics Becon


August 3

JewWario of Channel Awesome