Greetings and salutations loyal listeners, this installment on Moonhawk Studios Presents marks a very special milestone for the program as we hit our 100th episode. Yes indeed, I can’t believe MSP has already hit the centennial mark in internet radio transmissions already and this is coming off the recent milestone of our two year anniversary just a few weeks prior. It is rather phenomenal to have reached this point and I look forward to having at least two more years and 100 more episode to take part in earnest.  Anyway, join us this week as we hit a WARP ZONE! and chat with  Edmund McMillen, one half of the indie development outfit Team Meat, as we discuss their nostalgia-encrusted digital download platformer Super Meat Boy. Sadly, due to scheduling conflicts the other half of Team Meat, Tommy Refenes will be unable to join us. Finally, I should note that on this special edition of MSP, I am offering the chance for some of our live listeners to win some prizes, specifically I shall be giving out 20 Xbox Live Arcade game codes, 10 for Section 8: Prejudice and 10 for Islands of Wakfu sometime during the course of the broadcast, probably when we are off-air.  So be sure to join in on all the fun this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST.


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