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Greetings once again loyal listeners, on this week’s installment of Moonhawk Studio Presents we are in for a rare treats as we welcome to the broadcast some peers that are also involved in the business of internet radio to the program as we welcome some of the staff of what is perhaps the largest podcast specifically dedicated to the discussion of webcomics, The Webcomics Becon. Well, actually these days the Webcomics Becon is a network which, in addition to the titular podcast, shows such as the Tropecast,  the podcast dedicated to internet tropes and memes. There is also The Webcomics Newscast which covers the community and overall webcomics industry news. One thing to note this week is that in order to get everybody we hope to have on the program tonight we plan on starting a bit early, as in when then chatroom opens up tonight at its usual time of 9:45 PM EST/6:45 PM PST where if at all possible we are going to jump right into recording, so remember this week be sure to show up at 9:45 PM EST/6:45 PM PST tonight in order to not miss a second of the actual broadcast.

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