Greetings and salutations loyal listeners and welcome to our traditional end-of-season extravaganza. For those listeners of more recent vintage, our last episode for a given season gets extended to 2 hours and we bring back a whole slew of past guests to serve as special guest panelists. It is all supersized and a bit looser then are normal programming. At any rate, at press time not all guests have actively committed to this show, so what is going to happen is we are going to list the confirmed and the tentative in separate groups. At any rate, our all-star guest panelists are:

Confirmed: Drowemos from Exiern, ProtonJon of TheRunawayGuys, LordKaT from LordKat Live both Edmund Mcmillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat and Brion Foulke of Filpside.


Our feature interview will be with Baltes and Tyler, representatives of The Speed Gamers organization, whose mission statement is doing gaming marathons for various charities, from the PR for their upcoming marathon:

“We will begin our 25th gaming marathon on December 16th starting at 6pm central. My personal favorite franchise The Legend of Zelda will be played for 72 hours around the clock. The event  is in support of Rocking H Ranch charities. The charities are Paws for Reflection Ranch, Tara Sawyer Foundation, Trent’s Retreat Nonprofit Foundation. For more information on the charities you can go here: . You can view the entire marathon from our homepage, ”

In our vaunted Fragments of Silicon Segment we shall be discussing the software output of Sony Computer Entertainment, a surprisingly divisive issue among the staff that should prove to make for a fiery debate, for example, where do the contributions of Sony begin and the independent  developer end?  The answer is harder to reach then first realized.

Anyway, be sure to tune in for all that and more this Wedenesday at 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST with the main show being available on Talkshoe and the pre and post-show segments on Twitch TV.

To learn more aout the Speed Gamers visit their website:

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