Greeting one and all, yes, indeed after an extended Christmas holiday, your favorite entertainment-focused podcast returns to ring out 2011 with a bang. We start off the season by welcoming the multi-talented Egoraptor to the program. Egorptor is an animator and voice actor , as well as the creator of the popular Newgrounds flash animation series The Awesome Series.  He is also the co-creator and writer for another popular Newgrounds flash animation series Girl-Chan in Paradise, voiced-ated in dozen of video games, created a new Youtube series dubbed Sequelitis and willbe appearing in Season 3 of the PSN Reality series The Tester.  On a more unfortunate scheduling note, NakaTeleeli will be unable to join us this week due to a work scheduling conflict, which means no pre or post show stream this week. On the beloved Fragments of Silicon segment our musical director Keith W. shall step in Naka’s stead as well shall talk about the Oddworld franchise. As always, be sure to join in all of the fun and adventure, live this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST, this week only on Talkshoe for the whole thing.

To learn more about Egoraptor’s various prjects, be sure to visit his website:

As always, the link to the Talkshoe recording and chat site.