Greetings once again loyal listeners on this week’s installment of Moonhawk Studios Presents we shall be welcoming Chris Bucci on the program. He is the creator and host of the Youtube review series dubbed Turbo Views and as its name implies the focus is on the venerable Turbo Duo games, both HuCard and Cd-Rom. The mission statement is to review every North American game release, with a side of PC-Engine game and accessory reviewing.  Chris has already covered, as of this writing, 63 games with many more yet to reviewed. He also reviews pinball machines, both vintage and recent.  Also this week on the Fragments of Silicon segment we shall be discussing used game sales and DLC and the harm each may be causing to the industry. I am also pleased to announce that tonight shall mark the return of NakaTeleeli to the show, so look for the pre-show and post-show on his channel this week. As always come to Talkshoe for the show proper, which starts this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST.

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