Greetings and salutations once again loyal listeners, on this week’s installment of Moonhawk Studios Presents we shall be welcoming to the program our good friend Brad “The Cinema Snob” Jones once again to the airwaves. The main topic of discussion this time around is going to be The Cinema Snob Movie, indeed a filmed special starting the titular character, which I believe has finished principle photography.  Also on tap will be the return of regular Cinema Snob episodes, Bibleman and various combinations of McDonald’s food items. This week on Fragments of Silicon we shall be discussing the legendary Id Software, creators of Commander Keen, Doom, Rage and more. Programming note, next week we shall be going on hiatus due to Mac moving to Arizona and stopping off at A-KON along the way. We shall be retuning June 6, 2012. Naka will once again be joining us this week, so the non-recorded portions of the show will be on his Twitch TV Channel and the main broadcast will be on Talkshoe. at 10:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM PDT.

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