Greetings once again loyal listeners, on this week’s installment of Moonhawk Studios Presents we shall be welcoming Jon “ChaosD1” Burkhardt to the program.  Jon is the creator and host of the Blistered Thumbs affiliated show MMO Grinder which takes an in-depth examination of the burgeoning free to play massive-multiplayer online gaming, and not just RPGs either. Indeed some of the game examined thus far are the likes of Brickforce, Pangya, Champions Online, Maple Story  and more. Jon  has on LordKat Live a monthly podcast with Critical Marine called Conduct Unbecoming which is about the military, and is a guest on the weekly MMO podcast called MMO Underground. In our Fragments of Silicon segment we shall be discussing the modern-day Square Enix, expect quite a bit of fire and brimstone over some directions they have taken over the past few years. Not only is Naka joining us this week but due to the move from Talkshoe the show will be temporary be simulcasted on his Twitch TV stream for the rest of the season it looks like.  Indeed on either cahnnel be sure to join into all of the fun and adventure this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM PDT.

Watch MMO Grinder here.

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