Greetings once again loyal listeners, on this week’s installment of Moonhawk Studios Presents we shall be welcoming Patrick Flanagan, a representative of the international games maker ISOTX. The developer got started as a small team of rabid modders located from the Low Countries of Europe and has since grown into a a rising force behind the Iron Grip series, which currently spans for games and indeed vastly different genres. The latest releases Iron Grip: Warlord is a FPS hybrid with Tower Defense elements and Iron Grip: Murauder is a free-to-play tactical strategy game. Also on our vaunted Fragments of Silicon segment we shall be discussing the legendary games-designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Once again we will be simulcasting on Talkshoe and Naka’s Twitch TV Channel, so whichever venue chosen be sure to join in all of the fun and adventure this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM PDT/4:00 AM CEST.

Learn more about ISOTX here.

Play Iron Grip: Marauders for free.

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