Greetings once again loyal listeners, indeed Moonhawk Studios Presents returns this Wednesday, and indeed you might notice might have noticed a few changes to the website here. Chief among them is that the LiveStream feed is embedded in the website, which means the show can now be listened to right here on the website, indeed we herald the LiveStream era as a beginning of a deeper integration of show and website, more on that as the season progresses. At any rate, we shall be kicking things off by welcoming Nick Wright back to program.  Nick Wright, if you recall is Writer, artist, and producer on That SciFi Guy and indeed we shall be talking more about that. We shall also be focusing on his webcomics, the now-completed Treading Ground and the recently rebranded Peached, both gag-a-day slice of life comics which can be viwed on his The Idle State website. We shall also be be talked about the new series by Nick and his cohort, The League of Inebriated Gentlemen, a webshow about reviewing beer.  On our vaunted Fragments of Silicon segment we shall be discussing modern-day Sega, their creative successes and fiscal failures, which is resulting in Sega making  a drastic shift to digital publisher with a few retail tentpoles.  Indeed be sure to join us for all of the fun and adventure live this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST through either Livestream or Naka’s Twotch TV channel, which has been cleared to broadcast the show on a permanent basis.  As far as archiving goes, right now, the shows will be archived on the Livestream, so you will have to go there if you missed the live broadcast.

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