Hi everyone! I’ve still settling back into the swing of life outside the ship again and it has been harder for me to really get back into my internet life with my family social obligations and the upcoming wedding of one of my close friends next month. My deployment with the USS Carl Vinson went well and I’m glad to be home again, safe, sound and with all of my parts. I have undergone a bunch of personal changes but for the most part, I am still me. 😉 I did turn into a gym rat so I lost 30lbs and put on about 10lbs of muscle but I spend about 12hours a week in the gym. I’m taking college courses again, so I’m adjusting to that and a normal work schedule at the office.

I’ve gotten to see some neat things on deployment and work on some cool projects but I’m glad to be back. I’m still in culture shock with the stuff that the radio is killing. I have no idea what the obsession with “Call me maybe” and “Somebody that I used to know” or the new awareness of dubstep is about but I am tired of hearing some of these songs over and over again. I still have a ton of bad horror films to watch. I did get to see “Dark Knight Rising”, “Total Recall” and “Cabin in the Woods” but there is still so much more to see and and get caught up on. I have been working on my story projects but it’s a slow process. Hope to talk with you guys on the show again soon! <3