Greetings once again loyal listeners, on this week’s installment of Moonhawk Studios Prresents we welcome another guest of the musical persuasion onto the program.  Indeed, we are pleased to welcome nerdcore hip-hop artist Richie Branson to the broadcast. Indeed, he is the creator of such concept albums as The Wing Zero EP, a loving tribute to Gundam Wing and Richie Branson: The Cold Republic: Episode 1: The Empire Likes Rap the requisite tribute to the Star Wars films. A main focus of conversation will be his latest released album, The N.E.R.D. (Nothing Ever Requires Discipline) EP, which contains the title track Bring Back Toonami, a song that became an anthem and driving force behind the movement to bring Toonami back from the dead. Also included  is the sequel song Toonami Is Back Bitches which became the opening ballad for the revived block during its first few weeks back.

On our Fragments of Silicon segment this week we shall be remembering the legacy of of the recently deceased developer Studio Liverpool/Psygnosis and all of the wonderful franchises they brought to the gaming world such as Wipeout and Colony Wars, over the years.  As always be sure to tune in to the program this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EDT/ 7:00 PM PDT  live on both Livestream and Twitch TV.

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