Greetings once again loyal listeners, in life, even the most structured of plans can angle into unexpected directions, indeed our guest this week, Ryan Langley of Halfbrick Studios has to decline his interview this week due to some personal issues and we hear at Moonhawk Studios Presents wish him luck in those endeavors. Indeed a search for a substitute guest yielded no results do to various conflicts, thus we are doing that old standby an Inside the Studio show. Indeed this week we are taking it easy and we shall be discussing whatever is on our minds be it politics, entertainment, science sports or what have you, it is a free form session of MSP.  On Fragments in Silicon, we still have a topic in mind, this week we shall be discussing tutorials an their place as teaching tools in video games.  As always be sure to join us for all the fun and adventure this Friday at 10:00 pm EST/7:00 pm PST on Livestream, Talkshoe and Twitch TV.

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