Greetings once again loyal listeners, we are just two episodes away from the grand transformation and this episode we are going to Japan by way of Canada. Indeed this we we are welcoming Canadian anime reviewer Tristan “Arkarda” Gallant to the program. Arkarda has been hosting his anime review and impression show Glass Reflection for over 4 years and over 100 episodes and has examined mainstream hits like Soul Eater, Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop to more obscure fare. He also posts first impressions of new anime of the seasons; which is handy given at the time of this writing we have entered into the Fall 2013 Anime Season, and indeed general Vlogs. He is also a member of the Podtaku crew which consists of four Youtube anime reviewers discussing about the many topics of anime every weekend. On the Fragments of Silicon segment this week we shall be discussing at long last Mobile Games, they are far too big to ignore, classified as the one true future by some, feared as the ruination of gaming by others .  As always join us live for the fun and adventure only on Talkeshoe.

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