Greetings one and all and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Moonhawk radio empire’s latest endeavor, the gaming segment you all knew and love has been reconstituted into a brand new and shiny one hour broadcast. Yes indeed Moonhawk Studios Presents Fragments of Silicon Version 2.0. Right now the current format is going to be divided into a thirty minute interview with a figure from the world of video games and then we shall move into a video game related discussion with the regular panel. This week we shall be welcoming to the show, Michael Hartman, co-founder and CEO of the independent developer Frogdice Inc.

Frogdice is a small outfit based out of Kentucky that began operations in 1996 and has created and published a number of small online RPGs, usually browser based. Recently they have branched into larger downloadable titles including their latest release a unique blend of dungeon crawler RPG and DR. Mario, Dungeon of Elements.  The game recently launched and is currently on Steam Greenlight awaiting vote in order to propel it onto the main marketplace.

Our topic of discussion this week, being that it is the month of All Hallows Eve, we shall be discussing one of the greatest games borne out of one of the greatest franchises, horror or otherwise, that the world has ever seen.  Indeed, we will be discussing the legacy and legend of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Be sure to tune your timepieces in to our live show broadcasting live from Talkshoe this Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EDT/6:00 PDT and indeed if you are unable to attend the live program the show will be archived for listening.


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