Welcome once again ladies and gentlemen to your favorite gaming related podcast as well as mine, Fragments of Silicon. After a holiday break we are back in grand fashion as this week we shall be interviewing Alex Womack and Giles Page of up and comign indie developer The Mojo Collective. They will be along to discuss their first game, already out for the Windows 8 store and coming December 7 to Desura, is Space Ranger Arcade Space Kit. The game is a Asteriods and Defender space shooter mash-up where you can edit and create your own assets and levels, indeed the game is set to have user generated content to be a large part of its post-release matrix. We are also pleased to announce that a certain number of Space Ranger ASK Desura codes will be given out on Fragments of Silicon, Moonhawk Studios Presents and Twitter, be sure to join us live or at least download this episode for more details on this promotion.  Our topic of discussion this week is going to be MMORPG Vs. Single Player RPG tropes and mechanics. Indeed, All of that is happening live this Wednesday on Talkshoe this Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST and as mentioned previously  if you miss the live broadcast you can always download the show off the Talkshoe site and now also on iTunes.

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