Greetings once again, very loyal listeners, I think that is pretty much who is sticking it out with us in these last days of the podcast known as Moonhawk Studios Presents. Indeed enough of the crew is able to make it to one of these last random searches for stuff and things. I do believe we have about eight or so episodes left so as always be sure to join us for all of the fun and adventure this Friday at 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM EST live on Talkshoe.

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Update: without consulting the cast, I decided this was the end of the line for MSP. I can’t really afford to spend two nights a week running shows under the current circumstances, so I felt it prudent to bow out gracefully, now, while I still have the nerve. Adam and I certainly aren’t gone for good, but MSP is over, just shy of five years. Thanks to everyone for listening, and be sure to check out my farewell message on Talkshoe when you get the chance.