Ah yes, it has been a bit of wait, but fret not anymore loyal listeners your vertical slice of gaming goodness and geek culture  is at last set to return. Indeed on this week’s installment we are finally going to conduct an interview that has been a bit of long road to get to due to various circumstances but at last we shall be interviewing Raj Joshi. He is a senior director of the California based boutique indie games studio specializing in 2D affairs, 17-BIT.  Indeed, 17-BIT has already built up quite a bit of notability with their excellent  Advance Wars/Military Madness styled strategy game Skulls of the Shogun, out now for PC and various Microsoft platforms and coming soon to the PS4.  Indeed currently they are trying to finish the promising sci-fi marriage of old school propusion based spaceship shooters and the rougelike genre called Galak-Z currently in production for the PC, PS4 and PS VITA.  Our topic of discussion this week is a continuation of our talk about the rise and fall of mascots as we look at three fallen ones from days long ago, Crash, Spyro and Bajo-Kazooie. As always be sure to tune into the program live on Talkshoe this Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST or if you miss the show be sure to download from Talkshoe or iTunes.

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