Greetings once again and welcome to your weekly vertical slice of gaming goodness and geek culture, now being served on a different day and time, we do hope you have been paying attention to the programming notices and have updated your calenders.  This week, we have another European developer braving the darkness of the early hours of the morning to graciously join us for an interview.  We shall be welcoming all the way from Denmark, the creative director of Knapnok Games, Lau Korsgaard, to the program. Currently they are working on a little gem of a game in conjunction with Knytt series creator Nifflas, a 2D spaceship shooter in the vein of the likes of Pixeljunk Shooter wherein you explore a vast subterranean network of caves on a modest budget.  Our topic of discussion this week will be about the proliferation of NFC figures and the billion dollar industry that has risen in its wake, Skylanders, Disney Infinity and the upcoming Amiibos. As always from this week forward and for the immediate future be sure to tune into the program live on Talkshoe this Thrusday at 10:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST or if you miss the show be sure to download from Talkshoe or iTunes.

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