It’s been a while since I’ve spoken from this bully pulpit, but I just wanted to mention a few things. First of all, I did some very minor cleanup on the page. Second, if you aren’t listening to my current show “Up Late with Mace”, you have no idea what you are missing. Keith W., The Gollux, Pettyfan and Darkexcaliburwolf put together some fine quality entertainment and we are frequently joined by a number of fun-loving regulars like Tim Fischer (formerly? of the podcast Breaking the Panel and Tim fisher’s Late Night Lounge) and a few regulars from our Moonhawk Studios days. Speaking of, I *FINALLY* acquired the domain rights to “”. So as soon as I get some time, that URL will redirect to this very spot. I had a domain backorder on that for oh, THREE YEARS. So I am very pleased to say that, while this site won’t be moving off the original subdomain any time soon, we will finally have a top-level .com URL pointing at us. Lastly, we are still trying VERY HARD to get donors on the audiobook project on Indiegogo. That’s over here: Indiegogo Campaign And then for those who would much rather put their money on my smutty comics, there’s also a Patreon: Patreon (NSFW)

So please consider helping us out, if you’re so inclined.