As you can see from my infrequent posting here these days, I sometimes forget the content on my webpage. When we originally began serving Project Wonderful ads on this site, there was little worry that one of the more tasteless ads might crop up on our box. So having a “network ad” that appeared, even on my adult comic websites was “no big deal”. Clearly, with our advancement in ratings, media and profile, that is no longer the case. Also true that Project Wonderful’s policy shift toward “whatever…” will necessitate a slightly more “sanitized” space where adult materials are not appropriate.

I’m not a fan of censorship in any of it’s forms, but I also recognize people’s desire and right to not freely associate with materials and ideas they do not condone, as well as the negative impact this has on the market value of “family friendly” venues. We may not have the nicest language or ideas on either MSP or Fragments of Silicon, but we do recognize the need for restraint when it is necessary. With that in mind, I do sincerely apologize for letting my attention wander when it comes to the advertising displayed on the site. Fragments of Silicon lost a wonderful guest tonight over that lack of vision on my part, and all I can do at this point is offer my sincerest apologies and express that a valuable lesson in vigilance has been learned here. The entire ad box has been removed from the website, and in the future, I will keep a more watchful eye on the marketing placed on this site as well as my others to ensure they are “content appropriate”. My hope is, when the dust has settled and the memory of this egregious mistake has faded, they will opt to give our programming another shot.

Thank you, and good night.

Michael C. “Mac Paladin” Prokop
Host, Moonhawk Studios Presents
Executive Producer