I just wanted to note that we finally made it through 11 seasons of Moonhawk Studios Presents. Season 12 is a ways off, first week of January, to be precise. We plan to return to the days of having minor (and major!) Internet celebrities in a bid to once again improve our visibility profile. With that in mind, PettyFan has stepped into the role of Associate Producer and will be securing those individuals.

A big shout out to our crew from the past two seasons since we have been back: Adam Dayton (co-host/Producer), The Gollux (co-Host), PettyFan (co-Host, Associate Producer), Elemental Ogre (co-Host/Producer) and Twilight Winter (Guest Host). We hope to see all of you in January when the newest, biggest and baddest season of MSP debuts. Until then, on behalf of the crew at Moonhawk Studios Presents, I’m your host “Mac Paladin” saying thanks for listening, and stay safe out there, kids!